About the Germantown Historical Society

Historic Germantown Bank   1922The Germantown Historical Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1990. The basic goals of the group are to educate the community about local history, to provide an archive for local historical information, and to preserve local historic sites. The office of the Society is located in the Historic Germantown Bank Building across from the train station at 19330 Mateny Hill Road. 

The mailing address is P.O. Box 475, Germantown, MD 20875. 

The telephone number is: 301-972-2707.   We are on Facebook www.facebook.com/germantownmdhistory

Germantown has evolved from an 1840s crossroads village to an 1890s railroad town to a 21st Century "Corridor City." Since 1974 Germantown has been growing by about 2,000 people a year. With this tremendous building boom Germantown has lost more than half of its historic structures--and along with them knowledge of the cultural and historical past of this important little railroad town. Many of the new residents have no idea that there was even a town here before the suburban growth. An understanding of the roots of this New Town can help to foster community identity and cohesion. Education about local history can also bring connection and relevance to state and national history for students and adults.

The Germantown Historical Society presents two public programs on local history every year with guest speakers. Members receive a quarterly newsletter. We advocate for the preservation of historic resources in Germantown. A video on Germantown history is available for presentation to school or adult groups. Exhibits on local history, old maps, Walter Johnson, and genealogical research are displayed in our museum and at public events. Research is currently being conducted to preserve and protect historic sites in Germantown. An ongoing project of the Society is to collect oral histories, as well as copies of old photographs and family histories. It also archives old Gazette newspapers and historical papers of Germantown organizations. Monthly Flea Markets are sponsored by the Society to raise funds.