Germantown Historical Society Sales Catalog

The Met: A History of the Metropolitan Branch of the B&O Railroad
72 page book, 43 illustrations, pictures of all the original station houses
Up dated and improved 2016----------------------------------------------$10.00
A History of Germantown, Maryland
256-page book with over 100 photos & maps -------------------------$10.00
Germantown Then and Now, a pictorial history book------------------$25.00
"Trails To Germantown" DVD
29-minute DVD video on the history of Germantown------------------$10.00
Germantown Historic Sites Notecards
pen & ink sketches of 8 different sites, w/ 8 envelopes ---------------$5.00
1860 Census and 1867 ex-Slave Census of Germantown -------------$5.00
T-Shirts--Cornmeal sack logo t-shirt
Flour sack logo t-shirtFlour Sack or 
CornmealSack Logos of Liberty Mill
please indicate small, medium, large or extra-large ---------------------$12.00
add 6% Maryland sales tax and $4.00 shipping and handling and mail to:
The Germantown Historical Society
P.O. Box 475
Germantown, MD 20875